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Aion Kinah Farming: The Power of the Spirits

October 21, 2014 admin 0

The Spiritmaster is one of the amazing classes in Aion Online. They are specialized on buff and debuff and they are the only class that utilizes pets in Aion. Spiritmasters have the ability to summon powerful units that deals damage on enemies. Let us feature the Spiritmaster character class as your Aion Kinah Hunter. Group Play: Spiritmasters for Aion Kinah hunting When performing a group play with Spiritmasters they are very effective as they play […]

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[Star Ships] STO Credits Collection with Playable Ships

October 20, 2014 admin 0

There are several types of Star Ships in Star Trek Online. You will unlock these ship tiers as you level up your STO Credits collector. Check out the types of star ships you can drive into space that can help you collect credits. STO Credits Collection with Tier Ships Check out these tier ships and collect STO Credits Standard – these ships are on tiers 1 to 5 mostly available at shipyards where they can […]

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STO Credits Collection and Dilithium Ore Farming

October 17, 2014 admin 0

We can’t avoid facing the problem in our STO Credits collection especially when we are in the need to purchase something we need. There few steps we can do for you to farm STO Credits the easy way. The advantage of these steps is; you are not going to exchange your personal money for Credits. Let us see what we can do for easy farming of credits. Dilithium Ore Collecting in Exchange for STO Credits In […]

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