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STO Credits in the Shuttle Event: Prove that Size Doesn’t Matter and Win

May 30, 2014 editor 0

Star Trek Online is having a Shuttle Weekend Event for STO Credits hunters. Players can swarm missions using the small craft from May 29 to June 2. Old missions with a new twist for STO Credits During the weekend, STO Credits hunters can use shuttles when playing select missions. Federation and Klingon Fleet Alert, No Win Scenario and Storming The Spire are among the queued events players can fly shuttles in. These missions will now […]

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RIFT Platinum Collectors, the Unicorns Have Come and They Need Your Help

May 29, 2014 admin 0

The Unicorns have arrived in RIFT with the Unicornalia event running from May 22 to May 29. Rift Platinum collectors can participate to get these magical mounts. Unicornalia event for RIFT Platinum hunters During the event period, Ascended will get a chance to help Unicorns from the Plane of Life. These refugees can be found in the capital cities. Taking their quests will reward RIFT platinum as well as a chance to get Unicorn mounts. […]

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STO Credits Hunter in the Lobi Store to Get Romulan Themed Items

May 28, 2014 editor 0

Star Trek Online players who missed out on the Tal Shiar Lockbox can still get their Tal Shiar Adapted Battle Cruiser. Head over to the Lobi Store and pick up the ship and other items for your STO Credits hunter now! Romulan items for your STO Credits hunter The New Romulus Weekend is drawing to close. However this doesn’t mean players have a chance of getting the Tal Shiar Adapted Battlecruiser. The Lobi Store will […]

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Aion Kinah Collectors in Memorial Day Shugonanigans

May 26, 2014 admin 0

Aion is celebrating Memorial Day by having a limited-time sale of special items. From May 23 to May 27, players can get items for their Aion Kinah hunter at a discounted price. Cheaper Entry Scrolls for more Aion Kinah During the event period players can get Shugo Imperial Tomb Bonus Entry Scrolls at 10% off. Enjoy hunting Aion Kinah and item rewards in the Imperial Tomb with the Gold Pack Saam. This pet unique 32-slot pet […]

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STO Credits Reward that Can’t Buy from the Tal Shiar Lock Box this Weekend

May 26, 2014 editor 0

The Tal Shiar Lock Box returns to Star Trek Online! Get a chance to win special items you cannot get with STO Credits from this special box. Items and ships for STO Credits Players opening the Tal Shiar Lock Box have a chance to obtained one of several items or ships. Among these is the Tal Shiar Adapted Battlecruiser. Also available for STO Credits hunters is the Mirror Universe Vor’cha Battle Cruiser and Ha’apax Advanced […]